Day One of Blog Tour

Thank you for reading this blog entry! This is the very first post on the blog tour, which has been set up to introduce you to this wonderful book. Hopefully, as you read on, you will be inspired to order your own copy of Forever Friends and to buy copies to give as gifts this coming holiday period. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. Although the stories in the book are diverse and cover a wide range of emotions, the recurring theme is one of love, friendship and the strength of human relationships. As I compiled the book, I felt that something special was being created. From the many comments I have received so far, it is reassuring to know that I am not the only one who thinks this is a beautiful book.

Here are just some of those comments:

(My Hero, My Dad) I enjoyed your story – “My Hero, My Dad.” The tribute you gave your Dad was most thoughtful and deserving. While reading the story, there were things you did in your youth that reminded me of the same things – like rising early in the morning to check on traps. With me it was muskrats and skunks. I suppose people of our generation did things like that.

(My Hero, My Dad) This is a great story. … It is one I recommend to every reader.

(My Hero, My Dad) It was great.

(My Hero, My Dad) Your dad sounded a lot like mine. It made me remember and smile.

If everyone had parents who supported them like we obviously did, they wouldn’t be as cruel. Every child deserves a father like yours. Not all get that blessing.

(My Hero, My Dad) I also truly enjoyed the story My Hero, My Dad…reminded of my relationship with my dad.

(A Good Day Fishin’) … I would probably prefer to write a beautiful story like Rhett DeVane’s “Good Day Fishin'” … I’m still enjoying the one about the fishing.

(Jason’s Best Friend) I really liked Jason’s Best Friend.

(Not Alone) Your ‘Not Alone’ in the anthology was very timely for me. I recently lost a niece in just such a scenario. Well done.

(A Dog’s Best Friend) I liked your story.

(A Dog’s Best Friend) My brother liked your story.

(Debt, Paid in Full) … Your poem is a wonderful tribute to Mr. Henry and I, too, am sorry that he’s not around to read your splendid poem.

(Tigger — My Buddy)… his favourite story so far is: Tigger — My Buddy. He said he liked the description of the harum-scarum cat who had taken over the place and ruled the household. He also didn’t predict the ending, which added to the enjoyment of the story. Well done, Abe!

(A Friend in Need) It almost made me cry!

(A Friend in Need) … Your story was poignant, too and elegantly crafted.

(Friendships) I particularly enjoyed the friendship poem that you included at the end, and found it very touching.

Comments about the book:

The book is beautiful!

It’s beautiful and more than I had imagined!

The book sure looks good to me.

I’m a little late in getting my copy–but it looks TERRIFIC!

This really is a book with something for everyone.

I enjoyed the books so much that I will be buying a couple copies for friends as Christmas presents. Think is will be a fantastic choice for two of my best friends.


I would like to thank Chelle for inviting me to share my thoughts about Forever Friends. Chelle’s short story, Not Alone, is a touching story of how an accident can have a devastating effect on everyone concerned and how friendships can be strengthened rather than broken in tragic circumstances. This story will bring back memories to many readers, who will remember losing loved ones at such a young age.

Many of the book’s stories about losing dear ones or simply losing touch with old friends show the importance of friendship and love in everyone’s lives. This theme flows throughout the book, connected by poems that link into the next story or are a continuation of the previous story.

Other stories not only show the love between lovers but also the loyalty between owners and pets, family members, children growing up, new found friends and old friends. There really is something for everyone!

Forever Friends is available now from

Forever Friends

Thanks again for reading this and best wishes for the holiday season!

Shelagh Watkins

Please add a comment or a question here or visit Chelle Cordero’s blog and leave a comment:

Chelle Cordero


2 Responses to “Day One of Blog Tour”

  1. Zada Says:

    This is a terrific gift idea. For oneself or for gift giving. I have copies on hand for Christmas gifts. I was thrilled to be a part of the anthology and am thoroughly pleased with the finished product. Thank you so much, Shelagh.

  2. shelaghwatkins Says:

    You’re welcome, Zada!

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