Day Eleven of Blog Tour

Thank you for reading this blog entry! This is the eleventh post on the blog tour. If you are new to the tour, welcome! If this is the eleventh blog you have read, thank you for following the tour! As I write this, the tour has reached the sixth day and Shelagh’s Weblog, where all the blog posts on the tour have been posted, has received over three hundred views between December 1st-5th. A special thank you from me to everyone following the tour on my weblog!

Forever Friends is gaining in popularity every day, as more books are sold daily on

Earlier this week, I answered questions posed by Sue Durkin. Today, I will be answering Malcolm’s questions:

1. What are the primary benefits of your Published Authors group? What does it provide that authors weren’t getting elsewhere?

I set up the Published Authors Network on August 5th 2007 to give authors a chance to meet and exchange ideas about publishing and marketing books. At the time, there were similar Ning networks such as Book Marketing and Book Place. The difference between the Published Authors Network and other networks is the additional forum, where members of the network gather on a public forum to discuss anything in general and writing in particular. It’s a fun place as well as a place to discuss serious issues about writing and the publishing industry.

2. When the group decided to do an anthology, how was the theme chosen? What were the benefits of a theme approach rather than including poems and short stories about any subject?

I suggested to the group that Mandinam Press, which I set up in January 2008, would be willing to publish an anthology of short stories and poems without giving any real thought to how it might be set up. However, one of my poems, Hope for a Safer Place, was chosen for inclusion in the anthology Stories of Strength, with the obvious theme of ‘strength’, which gave me the idea to use a theme for the Published Authors anthology. Friendship seemed to be an obvious choice because of the friendships on the forum. The main advantage of a theme was giving the contributors something to focus on. It concentrated the mind!

3. Does the anthology have a primary audience or age group?

No. There really is something for everyone for nine to ninety!

4. How would you describe the book to your prospective audience in 25 words or less.

This book will delight and entertain you: from everlasting love to broken friendships, from childhood to old age; there really is something for everyone!

5. If you could say more, what else would you tell them?

This is a book that will grow on you; a book you will cherish. You will love the cover, love the depth and variety of its contents and love the feel of it in your hands. Put it on your coffee table, by your bed, on your desk or by the phone so that you can dip into it anytime and read something new.

6. Where can the anthology be purchased? (include links if you know them)

Forever Friends is available now from all major online stores, including

Forever Friends


Forever Friends

7. What other book projects have you been involved in?

I set up Mandinam Press to self-publish The Power of Persuasion, a book that is on the list for Wales Book of the Year. The latest project that I might be involved in is the serialization of Mr. Planemaker’s Flying Machine on local radio. The project is in the very early stages of development and, until I know more, I can’t say if it will actually go ahead or not. Watch this space!

8. Does the group plan to issue new anthologies in the coming years?

There is nothing planned at the moment. I will see how things go and maybe consider a second anthology next year. I will not be making any decisions about this before spring 2009.

I would like to thank Malcolm for inviting me to talk about Forever Friends. Malcolm’s poem, Debt, Paid in Full is a wonderful tribute to an old friend, Mr. Henry, whose life was saved by a doctor. The doctor’s son was one of Malcolm’s pals. Every Saturday, to repay the doctor, Mr. Henry drove from his farm into town to pick up Malcolm’s pal, and his pal’s brothers and schoolmates. From town, they all rode out along the canopy road north of Tallahassee, Florida, eating sticky buns that Mr. Henry had waiting and ended up at what appeared to be an infinite paradise: a creek down in the woods where the boys looked for minnows, sailed boats, and watched for snakes. With the writing of the poem, the debt has now been paid in full!

Buy the book and read the poem along with all the other wonderful poems and stories. You will not be disappointed!

Thanks again for reading this and best wishes for the holiday season!

Shelagh Watkins

December 11 Malcolm R. Campbell


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