Day Twelve of Blog Tour

Thank you for reading this blog entry! This is the twelfth post on the Forever Friends blog tour. If you are still hanging in there, thanks for following the tour! If you are new to the tour, welcome! I hope you will decide to join in and follow the tour to the end. Today, I will be talking about the poems in the anthology. I received more poems than I was able to include. Although all the poems submitted followed the theme of friendship, the poems had to be in context with the short stories, either by leading into the next story or by following on from the previous story. It took quite a bit of rearranging before I was happy with the final choice of poems and short stories for the various sections of Forever Friends.

The poems selected for inclusion in the book celebrate friendship in all its facets from loving to detached, giving a few glimpses of the other side of friendship. There are also verses that reminisce about lost friends and absent friends. Some of the poems express feelings of friendship through music and nature, while others are thankful and show gratitude for the kindness of friendships and the loyalty of true friends. Every poem has its own special message to be enjoyed and savoured by readers of this wonderful book that will make you laugh, cry or simply raise a smile.

Angel on the Ground by Lynn C. Johnston in the “Spiritual Friends” section of the book is an inspirational poem about giving thanks to God for the loving friendship of someone here on Earth. It is a touching poem of love and the importance of having a friend who is there through the bad times and the good. Something we all need!

I would like to thank Lynn for contributing to the anthology and for inviting me here today to post on her blog and for giving me the chance to talk about Forever Friends.

Remember to order a copy; you will not be disappointed!
Forever Friends is available now from Forever Friends

Thanks again for reading this and best wishes for the holiday season!

Shelagh Watkins

December 12 Lynn C. Johnston


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