Day Fifteen of Blog Tour

Thank you for reading this blog entry! This is the fifteenth post on the blog tour. If you are new to the tour, you are a little late but welcome anyway! If you have been around since week one, thank you for following the tour! This is the first day of the last week of the tour and most aspects of Forever Friends have already been discussed. Last week, Malcolm Campbell asked how the theme for the anthology was chosen and I said that friendship seemed to be an obvious choice because of the friendships on the forum. However, I did not mention the theme of love that also runs through the poems and short stories. Poetry and love seem almost synonymous and no anthology with poems included would be complete without a few verses of love. Short stories too lend themselves to love and romance. One of the stories, in the section, Romantic Friends, is Noble Heart by Karina Kantas.

Karina’s story was slightly longer than the four thousand words maximum that I asked for originally; in fact, it was twice as long! To make the story fit into the anthology in keeping with all the other short stories, I decided to split Noble Heart into two parts. In Part I, Karina relates a tale of woe in bygone times, when a damsel in distress is found wandering around lost and abandoned. A noble lord rescues the fair maiden but, when left alone with his jealous younger brother, she is forced to escape the arrogant young man’s unwanted advances. In Part II, a bitter row between the two brothers ensues and has to be resolved as the young woman seeks to learn more about her lost identity in the hope of finding true happiness. Karina is a fine storyteller and this story will delight all lovers of historical romance.

I would like to thank Karina for inviting me to her blog to say a little more about Forever Friends.

Still time to buy the book before Christmas!

Forever Friends is available now from Forever Friends

Thanks again for reading this and best wishes for the holiday season!

Shelagh Watkins

December 15 Karina Kantas


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