Literature & Fiction Interviews by Shelagh Watkins

I hadn’t considered putting together the interviews until Maryanne Raphael made the suggestion six weeks ago on one of the comments:

“Thank you so much for allowing me to be interviewed. You ask wonderful questions and made me look inside myself and my writing. That is a beautiful thing. I would love to see a book of interviews by you. Ever think of that? Best wishes Maryanne”

I was too busy adding more interviews to give the thought any serious consideration. By the time I decided to get on and do it, I was running out of time! If the book was going to be out and available for Christmas, I would have to crack on. Somehow I managed it and the book is now available! Click on the book image or the link below to see the book on


You can read the book on slideshare:

For a FREE download of the book onto ebook readers, you will find the book in e-format on Smashwords:

Literature & Fiction Interviews

The authors in the book have provided snippets of their books and their best reviews.

Thank you to all the authors who took the time to answer the questions in such detail. Together, they have contributed to a book that is informative, insightful and entertaining.

Check it out; it really is a lovely book!

~Shelagh Watkins

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