Frank Fiore

Frank Fiore is a best selling author of over 50,000 copies of his non-fiction books that include: Launching Your Yahoo! Business,  Succeeding at Your Yahoo! Business, Write a Business Plan in No Time, The 2005 Online Shopping Directory for Dummies, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting an Online Business, eMarketing Strategies (translated into other languages), Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants , TechTV’s Starting an Online Business and Dr. Livingston’s Online Shopping Safari Guidebook

Shelagh: Please tell us a little about yourself, Frank.

Frank: I live in Paradise Valley, AZ., with my son and wife of 30 years. I have a B.A. in Liberal Arts and General Systems Theory from Stockton State College and a Master Degree in Education at the University of Phoenix. During my college years, I started, wrote and edited the New Times newspaper which is now a multi-state operation.

My writing experience includes guest columns on social commentary and future trends published in the Arizona Republic and the Tribune papers in the metro Phoenix area. Through my writings, I explain in a simplified manner, complex issues and trends.

My interests in future patterns and trends range over many years and many projects. I co-wrote the Terran Project, a self-published book on community futures design processes, and worked as a researcher for Alvin Toffler on a series of high school texts on the future. I’ve designed and taught courses and seminars on the future of society, technology and business and was appointed by the Mayor of Phoenix to serve on the Phoenix Futures Forum as co-chairperson and served on several vital committees.

I’ve also written a book titled To Christopher that, under the guise of a book to my young son, leads the reader through social commentary, personal experience and entertaining teaching stories on a thoughtful journey through the challenges and opportunities that face the next generation.

Shelagh: When did you begin writing, and in what genre(s)?

Frank: To tell youth truth, way back in High School. I wrote the first few chapters of my first novel. I completed a novel many years later in college but never pursued publishing it. Over the last 10 years I wrote a dozen or so non-fiction books but my love was always to be a novelist.

Shelagh: When you started writing, what goals did you want to accomplish? Is there a message you want readers to grasp?

Frank: I think almost every novelist has a back-story to tell. What motivates them to write a book or perhaps a moral or lesson to get across to the reader. My message in CyberKill is one of ‘unintended consequences’.

Shelagh: Briefly tell us about your latest book. Series or stand-alone?

Frank: CyberKill is my first book of fiction.

A brilliant programmer, Travis Cole, inadvertently creates “Dorian,” an artificial intelligence that lives on the Internet. After Cole attempts to terminate his creation, Dorian stalks his young daughter through cyberspace in an attempt to reach Cole to seek revenge.

When cyber-terrorism events threaten the United States, they turn out to stem from the forsaken and bitter Dorian.

In the final conflict, Dorian seeks to kill his creator – even if it has to destroy all of humanity to do it.

The geographic locations, government and military installations and organizations, information warfare scenarios, artificial intelligence, robots, and the information and communications technology in this book all exist.

As for SIRUS, pieces of the technology are either in existence or in the research and development stage. According to the Department of Defense, it doesn’t exist.

The Fars News Agency of Iran reported otherwise.

Shelagh: What’s the hook for the book?

Frank: A twist on the Frankenstein myth. The Frankenstein – the Artificial Intelligent piece of software – stalks his young daughter through cyberspace. It asks the question: “How far would an Artificial Intelligence go for revenge?”

Shelagh: How do you develop characters?

Frank: I do a detailed outline of the book before I write it. Characters are developed to drive the plot. So plot comes first then I create characters and motivate them to drive the plot.

Shelagh: Who is the most unusual/most likeable character?

Frank: I like Dallas. He’s a techno-nerd – a thorn in the side of the establishment. Like me.

Shelagh: Do you have a specific writing style? Preferred POV?

Frank: I write in thrid person.

Shelagh: How does your environment/upbringing color your writing?

Frank: Well, my background is in the computer industry so CyberKill was easy to write as far as technology is concerned. My main character reflects me. Intellectual. Not any kind of James Bond sort even though my books are thrillers. He uses his wits to get out of trouble. A driven person but into short cuts.

Shelagh: Share the best review (or a portion) that you’ve ever had.


With the stroke of the ‘yes’ button Travis Cole’s life, the life of his daughter, his friends and everyone on the planet hangs in the balance. Thinking he deleted all of his artificial intelligent (AI) agents Travis begins a new life. What he is unaware of is…he forgot one.

Dorian, the leader of the Digitari Brotherhood and forsaken AI, unleashes multiple cyber-terrorist attacks on the United States with one true target in mind – Travis Cole. As each of the attacks from the bitter and forsaken AI fail Travis gets closer to realizing the truth of the nightmare his life has become. Dorian will stop at nothing to have its revenge against the man who tried to terminate him, even if that means destroying mankind to do it.

“Cyberkill” is a sci-fi thrill ride with fast pace action and gripping realism.

It is clearly evident that Author Frank Fiore went to great lengths researching the technology, locations, and government agencies when writing “Cyberkill” which lends to the believability of the story. But Fiore goes beyond that by developing rich and interesting characters, tense drama and moments of mirth. It is easy to connect with Travis as he tries to save the day but what is amazing about Fiore’s writing style is his ability to deliver the motivations for Dorian in a way that readers can both understand and sympathize with.
By weaving together current events, the Internet, real scenarios, action and suspense “Cyberkill” instills enough paranoia to make the reader wonder as they frantically turn the pages to find out what happens next.

Those who read Science Fiction will love “Cyberkill” but make no mistake anyone who uses a computer will enjoy this thriller. This story of revenge and survival will stay in your mind long after you finish reading it. “Cyberkill” is a must read.

The Internet will never be the same after you read…”Cyberkill.”

Shelagh: What are your current projects?

Frank: I am currently working on a new three book character series called The Chronicles of Jeremy Nash. The Chronicles of Jeremy Nash is a new thriller series about a noted debunker and skeptic of conspiracy theories, urban legends and myths. Jeremy Nash is pressed into pursuing them by threats to himself, family and reputation. The Chronicles of Jeremy Nash capitalizes on the continuing interest of the reading public in conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries, urban myths, New Age beliefs and paranormal events. I also feeds the growing appetite of the public for ‘puzzle stories’ in the vein of National Treasure and Indiana Jones with a little of the X-Files thrown in. The formula of the chronicles consists of a conspiracy theory, unsolved mystery, urban myth, New Age belief or paranormal practice that Nash is forced to pursue; combined with an underlying real world event, organization or persons that is somehow connected to what he is pursuing. This provides the thriller aspect of the stories. The web site is

Shelagh: Where can folks learn more about your books and events?

Frank: Where to find Frank Fiore online:
Twitter: followthenovel
Facebook: Facebook profile


Where to buy in print:

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  1. Sandra Natale Says:

    Hi Frank, Good to hear about the novel doing so well. We bugged out in 2008 and are living in Thailand. Hi to Lynne…

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