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Erma Odrach has translated one of the works of her father, Theodore Odrach. Wave of Terror is his first novel to appear in English. A review of the book in the Times Literary Supplement said:

Theodore Odrach is that rare thing, a political novelist who is also an artist of the first rank.”

Erma will be giving an interview here on February 21st. One lucky commenter will receive a free copy of the novel:

Theodore Odrach was born in Belarus (then a part of Czarist Russia), and in 1939 he became caught up in Stalin’s world. Studying at the university in Vilnius and watching the Soviet tanks roll in, he decided to head south, back to his native Belarus (by then a part of eastern Poland). Securing a teaching position just outside the town of Pinsk, it is really during this time that Wave of Terror began to take root. There he witnessed first-hand unspeakable atrocities committed by the Soviet regime, where innocent men, women and children were routinely persecuted, tortured and slain. Deemed an “enemy of the people” himself, he became a man on the run, changing his name from Sholomitsky to Odrach in the hopes of protecting the family he left behind.

Read the interview this Sunday and leave a comment. You could be the winner of this fascinating book!

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