J. A. Adams

Today’s guest author is J. A. Adams. This interview is from the blog tour arranged by Nia Promotions.

Tell us about Chameleon.

When dreams turn into nightmares, spur of the moment decisions test the silent codes of family honor. Diane Darhling, beautiful, scholarly, and heir to a multi-million dollar fortune, finds herself caught in a triangular web of love gone seriously wrong. Two men, Jimmy and Jerrell, whose polarized unrelenting desire to have her is felt to the depths of the soul.  One loves unconditionally. The other, a suave psychopath. Reading like a backdrop story from headline news, a twisted plan, forged in pathological and psychotic manipulation, is plotted by the Chameleon.

From where do you get your characters?

Everywhere.  Life, everyday life, personal experiences and encounters with people.  I am a people watcher. Sometimes I may meet someone and their persona matches a character I am working on or a future book in my head.  My characters are often composites of several individuals and/or personality types.  I may meet a person that stays in my head and eventually I may create a story around them.  I joint down a few notes for use when I begin working on that particular character.

For example the new novel I am working on, Pineview’s Secret.  One of the major female characters in the story came out of a bus ride I took 4 years ago traveling from Austin to Houston.  She was one of the passengers.  I did not meet her directly, she sat behind me and in her conversation with another passenger she made mention she was in the adult entertainment business. Then just a few months ago, I met another young lady which provided me with the additional persona I needed to finish out this character.  You will meet her in the upcoming novel Pineview’s Secret.

What do you want most for readers?

I hope that my books will invoke discussion about the lines and boundaries surrounding our most intimate relationships.

I want the reader to come away with the understanding there is true evil in the world.  Situations that on the surface appear to be within the normal realm of life, coincide as residents of evil.

One may discover themselves suddenly caught up in a world of mayhem with no seemingly available outlet. Incidents, commonly known as red flags, are evident throughout the story of Chameleon, but are completely ignored by the innocent and naive main female character Diane.  This shows the danger naïve young women, upon leaving home for the first time entering the adult world, can fall prey to the influences of a seemingly well meaning male whose true intention is solely personal gain at any cost.

What is your base for these theories?

My master’s work is in psychology with concentration in development. Plus, I have 25 years experience and training working with dysfunctional individuals as well as families.

What do you want most for readers?

I hope that my books will invoke discussion about the lines and boundaries surrounding our most intimate relationships.

About J.A. Adams

J.A. Adams, author of three psychological suspense novels, uses personal and professional experiences to bring awareness to psychological issues that affect our relationships.

For 30 years, Adams has worked with traumatized victims of violence and crime. Adams’ experience, paired with her writings, allude to healing the spirit and soul of victims.

Adams currently resides outside of Austin, Texas. She continues to write and volunteers with numerous organization bringing awareness to teen dating violence and women issues, as well as, advocating against intimate partner and family violence. Such organizations include the Ortralla Foundation and Recovery Ministry at Gateway Church. Moreover, she regularly speaks and mentors women using her life as proof that one can love again after trauma.

To learn more about J.A. Adams and her work visit www.jaadamsauthor.com or they can post a comment on my Facebook Fan Page www.facebook.com/fansofjaadams. She also has an author’s profile on SIR Authors at www.sirauthors.com.

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This interview is brought to you by SIR Authors, a book marketing and promotions group organized by Nia Promotions featuring seven authors working together to market and promote their work. To learn more visit www.sirauthors.com

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    I’m intrigued. Will have to find her on Facebook (link shows not valid).

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