Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

Lyn Miller LaCoursiere lives in Minnesota and has published numerous articles in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Minnesota Women’s Press pertaining to life and its challenges. Her passion is relaxing by water anywhere; ocean, pond or puddle.

Please tell everyone a little about yourself, Lyn.

Lyn: I began journaling after my husband passed away. And after piling up stacks of tablets of my tears and fears, I started putting together poetry, I found it exciting to blend words and feelings together. And creating rhyme, I wrote pages again. Then I tried short stories and there was one I just couldn’t find an ending to, so I continued adding more chapters and soon had a book. It was my first and I called it Nightmares and Dreams.

During this process, and most importantly, over time I learned to feel my feelings, identify them and put them down on paper. And I wrote my first three books and hid them away in a closet. Then one day I had a reckless thought, why not publish? So I worked on the first and brought it out. Lordy, it was pretty scary, here I was opening up my heart and soul and giving everyone permission to judge me. But it was so exciting; that was in 2007 and I’ve put one out each year since then. Each time gaining some confidence!

When did the writing bug bite, and in what genre(s)?

Lyn: Nineteen years ago, as I progressed in writing, I finally found fiction was my genre, and my style I like to compare with Nora Roberts and perhaps a little like Sandra Brown.

Briefly tell us about your latest book. Is it part of a series or stand-alone?

Lyn: The first four Lindy Lewis adventures can either be stand alone books or can be read in consecutive order as I published them.  With my fifth book called The Early Years, I wanted my readers to meet my two main characters, Lindy Lewis and Reed Conners when they first meet in Gina’s diner in their last year of college.

What’s the hook for the book?

Lyn: To start my first book, I needed something to get my readers to turn that all important first page, so I took an actual incident out of my own life and of course embellished. I had just found a huge infestation of ugly carpenter ants hungrily devouring a side of my house and I used that incident to start off with in Nightmares and Dreams.

How do you develop characters? Setting?

Lyn: In creating my most important character Lindy Lewis, I used a combination of bits and pieces of my thoughts, my actions, my fantasies and also a nightmare or two and again embellished. At times, she is somewhat naïve, somewhat calculating and not always trustful or trusting, but always lovable. And over time I’ve found that I’ve used certain incidents out of my life to add a bit of flash to an episode. My first book Nightmares and Dreams is set in Minneapolis, then takes of to Hilton Head, SC and then back to northern MN. But over time Lindy’s travels will encompass the glamorous cities Dallas, Newport RI and Monterrey, Mexico.

Who’s the most unusual/most likeable character?

Lyn: My antagonist, attorney Reed Conners, is likeable, some time in in his ways and featured in all the books too, where he appears as an investigator for an insurance company on the chase to take back the huge settlement that Lindy has gotten from his company. Drug lord, Mario D’Agustino is the least liked character and poses a threat to Lindy’s life throughout the books after she has testified for the FBI against him.

Share the best review (or a portion) that you’ve ever had.


Lyn Miller LaCousiere’s ability to create in depth characters draws the reader to want to learn more about each character. Lyn’s writing is comparative to Louise Erdrich where Lyn’s colorful and creative characters like the heroine, Lindy Lewis, along with staying true to today’s culture and the details to the Midwest, causes the reader to not want to put Lyn’s book down until completion. Suddenly Summer is a must have on every reader’s list to read. I look forward to Lyn’s next novel.

– Jennifer Anderson, Fargo, ND

What are your current projects?

Lyn: This fall I will be publishing my sixth book in the Lindy Lewis adventures called The Silence is Deafening. Here my readers can feel Lindy’s pain as she is kidnapped by strangers and left alone to die in the dark swamps in northern Minnesota. 

Where can folks learn more about your books and events?

Lyn: The first five are with, at Barnes and Nobles, the libraries in Hennepin County, on my personal web-site, and at numerous book stores around the twin cities. I have the first three as e-books at Amazon kindle, Smashwords, also B&N, Sony and etc. I think the best exposure of me is the one I have on my web-site, and that is at:

Thanks for joining us today, Lyn.

Lyn: Thank you Shelagh for the opportunity to appear in an interview.

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4 Responses to “Lyn Miller LaCoursiere”

  1. Lyn Miller Lacoursiere Says:

    Thank you Shelagh for the great interview.

  2. shelaghwatkins Says:

    You’re very welcome, Lyn! Good luck with your latest book!

  3. sarahbutland Says:

    Lyn, I’m sorry to read of the passing of your husband and yet feel, as sad as it is, maybe it was meant to be. You’ve found a new piece of you to share with the world and help others in the same situation as you. You’ve found friends through readers who can grieve and celebrate your new life with you.

    Find your husband again, now, through your writing and characters and rejoice in knowing you’ll always have him with you but that now you can share him with so many.

    Thanks for sharing in this interview,


  4. Lyn Miller Lacourisere Says:

    Dear Sarah; Thank you for your reply and your thoughts. My dear guy has been gone for a few years now but it was so dog-gone hard at first. I had used many methods to relieve the pain of his absentness and after a year or two I discovered journaling. Here I could sit and write about all of my thoughts. My tears and fears and especially my anger at God and at him. It was a growing period for me.
    Over the years time has flown by and I’ve written and self pubbed five books. (five paper and four e-books)
    But my market arena is small so far.
    Thanks Sarah

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