N. K. David

N. K. David is the author of two published novels, It Is Time We Truly Know Why “Jesus Wept” and Most Perfect Exchange (The Cost of Liberty).  He has also written copiously about human rights abuse and religious tolerance. He believes it is a shame that men continue to be divided by their religion just as they were once divided by the color of their skin.

Please  tell everyone a little about yourself.

N. K. David: I was born on May 6th 1977 in the Eastern part of Nigeria, which is regarded as the Christian part of the country. At an early age, I wanted to study law/arts, but I ended up in science, which I have come to love, and I am currently in the medical field studying Veterinary medicine. I personally passed through a lot of struggles in my academic life because of a corrupt educational system.  I had to stand and fight against the corrupt Educational system and I am glad some people in Government answered my call and worked to change the system. It was during the struggle and in my quest for answers from higher planes of existence that my first book was born and published to predict the end of the struggle and other message for humanity. Today I have published two books and still counting.

When did the writing bug bite, and in what genres?

N. K. David: I started writing back in college because of the challenge and need to do well in essay writing in school back then. After an early struggle, I realized that my failure then was because I did not use my creative ability so I set it to work, and since then it has been working. It was that early age that I created my first story, Noble Killers. I gave the story line to my young brother who was involved then in screenplay writing. He wrote it in his own way, but I later wrote it in my own way. That was the first time I spent much time writing a long story and book.

I write mostly on inspirational, motivational, and emotional. But I also write religion, mystery, love, romance, and suspense.

When you started writing, what goals did you want to accomplish?

N. K. David: My goal is to contribute and say what I have to say to the world so that in future the world will remember that I was here and that I said or wrote such things. I also want to inspire and give people reasons to hold on in their positive struggle in life, especially those few that are working to help create a better and peaceful world for all of us because I am involve in such struggle which is a difficult task because of our diversity as humans.

Is there a message you want readers to grasp?

N. K. David: Yes my books always have a message in them, and I try to make it easy for people to understand. I try to make people understand the need for true religious tolerance and for people to look back in history and remember how we got here today because the truth is that we were liberated; if not, we would not enjoy the freedom we have today so there is need to let others have their freedom for as long as they do not stop us from having ours. But there is always a problem as people try to save others in this religious tangle, and other laws, traditions and cultures that need to be conserved. That is why some people are calling for the move to personal responsibility.

Briefly tell us about your latest book.

N. K. David: My latest book is a story that started in 1967 in United States to the present 2012. It was the time racism was said to be dwindling in America but discrimination still persisted in various forms. Then Michael, a black American, found help and love which was not so common from Lydia, a white American. Lydia’s family was divided in their stand on racism and her brother, William, was racist so he tried stopping Lydia from assisting Michael. Then one day, Regina, a black America, suddenly showed up in their family company and William could not set his eyes off her. He wanted to assist Regina but this time his sister, Lydia, opposed the idea. William did not know why his sister changed so suddenly and things got worse for him when Regina disappeared. That was when he realized how much he loved her so he wanted her back at any cost, but the true identity of the lady he knew as Regina was another thing he may have to handle.

What’s the hook for the book?

N. K. David: How Lydia kept Michael in their family company even when William did not approve his employment.

How do you develop character? Setting?

N. K. David: How I develop my character and setting depends on the work; however, my recent work is based on what people already know or have an idea so I try to give readers what they can easily picture so I make characters real and settings based on past events or research to fit the records in history.

Who’s the most unusual/most likeable character?

N. K. David: Lydia.

Do you have specific techniques that help you maintain the course of the plot?

N. K. David: Well before I start any book, I think of what I want to achieve or the message I want to send across readers so with that in mind my next task will be how to develop the story and send the message in clear terms. The task is always on developing events or things that will happen in between the book. Therefore, what I do is since I have my main message or how I think the story to end, I build other events around it and it is possible for new ideas to come in, and I have to see how it can fit into the story line and produce something thicker.

Do you have a specific writing style? Preferred POV?

N. K. David: I think it is left for the readers to confirm but I think my writings are always engaging and the messages are made clear and simply.

I love to write in first person but I also used the third person. I commonly write in present continuous tense because I usual imagine writing the story while it is happening, but it is for scripts made for movies where the story will be narrated at some point. I normally change such format to third or first person if it is to be published.

How does your environment/upbringing color your writing?

N. K. David: I will easily agree that my environment and upbringing made me who and what I am today. This is because I started asking question very early in life and I did not accept the answers my seniors gave to me so I had to find the answers myself. I grew up in a Christian home, but I realized that even as Christians we consider our own sect better than other Christian sects so I had to ask why and what is wrong with the various Christian sects?  Then I realized that it is even worst when we consider the various religions. I could not hate someone simply because of his or her religion or because I think mine religion is better than others. I would not join the crowd and that is why I am what I am today. That is why it is not easy to find a life partner that understands or shares my kind of view in a developing country like ours.

Share the best review or a portion that you have ever had.

N. K. David:

 “In mankind’s quest for happiness, a lot of concepts have been devised and pursued- power and influence have been sought, acquired and abused, wealth has been amassed and abused as well, just name them. Astonishingly, happiness, which is the pinnacle of these endeavours, has remained elusive.

However, the solution to this seemingly intractable problem is unimaginably the simplest thing anyone can do as is presented by N. K. David in this thought-provoking, great concept and irresistible novel, which doubles as an indispensable guide and a clarion call for all ( skin colour notwithstanding) to endeavour to acquire the hitherto elusive happiness and its attendant peace, by deleting from our minds, records and altitude all factors of hate and racism, and replace them with genuine love and understanding.

“Just imagine a world full of love….” In fact, if you miss this book, you miss the very essence of existence, and happiness shall ever elude you.”

 E. U. Lawrence

What are your current projects?

N. K. David: I am working on other books, a few of which I think will be converted to movie someday like The Game and The Formula for ReincarnationThe Formula may be my next book to be published; here is about the book:

“After he discovered the formula for reincarnation (rebirth), he realized that it could be more dangerous than nuclear weapon so he decided to stop the research but some of his co-workers strongly wanted such powers and they can do anything to get it, even if it means to kill him for it. The only option he had was to stay alive even if he was dead because for as long as he is alive they will continue the plot to kill him and that maybe the only way he can protect his family, and the formula.”  The formula is combination of various scientific formulas built on trinity and the right application of the formula can be used to prove, even to a profane, that rebirth is really, but first the centre of the triangle must be sought and found.

Where can folks learn more about your books and events?

N. K. David: My books are available on many online stores like booktango.com It Is Time We Truly Know Why “Jesus Wept”  and Most Pefect Exchange (The Cosct of Liberty), authorhouse.com, Amazon, among others.

I am on many social sites like Facebook Page, twitter, linkedin, talent.me, David Kaluge hubpage , muttonline.com among many others. I welcome friendship and I love making good friends so people easily join me on facebook where I usually create my events and have my book pages or through hubpages where I post free articles.

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  1. Belle-Brown, C. E. Says:

    Still thrilled by your first book, time we truly know why Jesus wept, you released this new book. Ride on, the world will hear your story.

  2. Desmond Says:

    What a wonderful Author with impressing books. I love your books. Keep it up.

  3. krissnp Says:

    Good interview.

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