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Mr. Planemaker's Flying Machine photo

Mr. Planemaker’s Flying Machine

by Shelagh Watkins

Synopsis +

Mr. Planemaker’s Flying Machine is a story of flight, fantasy, adventure and courage. Although Emmelisa Planemaker is a strong-willed little girl, she misses her dad, who died when she was only five years old.

Emmelisa and her brother Dell have a happy and carefree life until their father becomes ill and is forced to retire at the age of forty-three.

After retirement, Mr. Planemaker decides to build a scaled, model airplane because he wants to build something lasting for his children but he dies before completing the task.

Three years later, Emmelisa is being seriously bullied at school by a group led by the notorious school bully, Mayja Troublemaker. When Emmelisa becomes increasingly withdrawn and unhappy, she seeks help and advice through the computer her father had used to locate specialist model aircraft companies in his quest to build a model airplane.

The computer is more than just a computer and full of surprises: Mr. A. Leon Spaceman being one of them! He guides the two children to Hardwareland, where they train to become astronauts and take on an extraordinary mission into space: to follow their father’s TRAIL OF LIGHT.

Close Up +

Classification: Fiction
Genre: Children’s
Pages: 197
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Publication Year: 2005
ISBN: 1-4137-7136-X
Purchasing: Amazon Marketplace

5 Responses to “Children’s Fiction”

  1. Matthew Ball Says:

    Minnie and Melvira

    by Matthew Ball

    Synopsis +

    Minnie and Melvira is a story about finding true friendship.
    Each of us has the wonderful opportunity to make friends, but our friendships can have the power to affect who we are. By joining in the lives, actions, and habits of others, we become like them. So we must choose our friends as carefully as we choose what we want to be ourselves.
    Here Minnie learns that finding a good friend can be hard, but that she can always start by friending those that show kindness to her, and to others.

    Close Up +

    Classification: Fiction
    Genre: Children’s
    Pages: 28
    Format: Paperback
    Language: English
    Publisher: William Joseph K Publications
    Publication Year: 2009
    ISBN: 0982042558
    Purchasing: Amazon

  2. Tim Lane Says:

    Flight on Fire Mountain

    by Tim Lane with Janet Ware

    Synopsis +

    For Josh, a seventeen-year-old paraglider, the past year has been a time of change and adjustment. After his parents’ divorce, Josh struggles with his new relationships with his stepfamily and is torn by his loyalty to both parents.

    On his way to deliver a paraglider for his father, Josh is caught in a raging forest fire as it blasts through the San Bernardino Mountains. He seeks refuge in a cabin, but the flames soon consume it. As a last resort, Josh is forced to take flight in high winds in a glider that was made for someone his father’s size. His frantic flight against time and the elements becomes even more complicated when he encounters a terrified eight-year-old camper, Theresa Rodriguez, who has been separated from her family and is trapped on a mountain trail.

    Close Up +

    Classification – Young Adult
    Genre: Fiction
    Pages: 86
    Format: Paperback & ebook
    Language: English
    Publisher: iuniverse
    Publication Year: 2006
    ISBN: 978-0-595-38212-6.
    Purchasing: iuniverse, Amazon

  3. Mark Glamack Says:

    Littluns: And the Book of Darkness

    by Mark Glamack

    Synopsis +

    The outside world below holds little interest to Littluns. It’s not that they don’t know about such things and what goes on out there; they know very well about the chaos and discord and the importance of remaining removed from such things.

    However, once every year or two, around the third and sixth full Moons, the Littleton Town Council selects five of its citizens to journey down Powder Mountain into the outside world. It’s a scavenger hunt.

    This is one of those days.

    The Littluns: Braybe, Miskey, Letsen, Brandywine, and Sneetz go down the mountain together on what should be a cautious, but pleasant outing. However, there was no way that they could have known about the evil permeating throughout the land. Disguised as The Necromancer, The Evil One had placed most of his dark powers into words; words reserved for his wicked purposes. By doing so, it provided him with the benefits of both worlds while carrying out his plans to deceive and corrupt its inhabitants. But, ‘The Evil One’s’ ominous Dark Book becomes lost, resulting in him becoming trapped somewhere between the living and the dead. To fulfill his plan, he must have his book back at all costs.

    This faith-based story of innocence, takes you into a magical, fantasy world of imagination.

    Littluns is a story for all ages, depicting everyone’s journey through life facing choices for the Light or darkness. Beginning with a simple scavenger hunt, the reader is taken on a fast roller coaster ride into the unknown.

    Young Adult and grownup readers of all ages will find ‘somewhere between reality and eternity’ an interesting place to discover; especially on the eve of destruction and extermination in a world gone wrong.

    Watch the video trailer and read a sample chapter (Free!) at

    Close Up +

    Classification: Fiction
    Genre: Fantasy
    Pages: 411
    Format: Hardcover only
    Language: English
    Publisher: EZ Gift Shopping aka Hiffity-Piffity Books
    Publication Year: 2007
    ISBN # 978-0-615-16997-2
    Purchasing: PayPal
    Or through Amazon at:
    Or, by telephone orders at 1-(585) 582-1607

  4. Mahalia Solages Says:

    What Morning is This?

    Whirly, Twirly Topsy Turvy Day – New children’s book explores the frenzied pace of modern day society.

    ages 2-6

  5. Olive Peart Says:

    The Intruders

    by Olive Peart

    Synopsis +

    Six teenagers from the Bronx set out to explore a cave in their neighborhood. The cave exploration is a washout but after falling down a ledge the six find that they have time-travelled three centuries into the future. Fortunately, they are accepted by the tribe living there. However, the tribe is fighting another tribe from Manhattan. These teenagers have a unique advantage in this conflict. They know the land. For the six, this becomes a true adventure. Yet, all too soon their adventure becomes very real. Friends and enemies are getting killed! This was no longer fun. This was war!

    Close Up +

    Classification: FICTION
    Genre: Young adult
    Pages: 272
    Format: Paperback/Hardback
    Language: English
    Publisher: Demarche Publishing LLC
    Publication Year:2010
    ISBN-13: 9780982307724 I

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