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Coming soon! Interview with Dr. Louis Koster on October 29th as part of the 2012 Virtual blog tour announcing the release of  A New Language For Life:  Happy No Matter What!

2012 Virtual Tour Itinerary for 

A New Language For Life:  Happy No Matter What! 

by Louis Koster


October 13
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Highlighted Title Listing at Independent Publisher
Review by Irene Roth at Blogcritics

October 14
Review by Irene Roth at Roth’s Book Reviews

October 15
Review by Laura Strathman Hulka at Readerwoman Blog

October 16
Review by Dr. Grady Harp at Powell’s
Interview and excerpt at Book Promo Central

October 16 – October 29
Three international ebook giveaways at Library Thing

October 17
Podcast with Big Blend Radio

October 18
US paperback giveaway at Curled Up With A Good Book
Interview at Curled Up With A Good Book
Review by Barbara Bamberger Scott at Curled Up With A Good Book

October 19
Review by Viviane Crystal at Crystal Book Reviews and at The Best Reviews

October 22
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October 23
Review, video & excerpt at Spiritual Lounge

October 24
Excerpt at Your Awakened Self Blog

October 25
Review by Helen Gallagher at New York Journal of Books and at Open Salon

October 26
Author essay, excerpt & giveaways at One Story At A Time

October 28
Podcast with Where Am I Going Radio

October 29
Interview at Literature & Fiction Blog

October 30 – November 12
Three US paperback giveaways at GoodReads

October 31
Review by Christine Zibas at Digital Journal and at Bookpleasures

November 1
Review by Irene Conlan at The Self Improvement Blog and at Ezine Articles

November 2
Review by Gloria Oren at Gloria’s Corner Blog

November 5
Excerpt at Night Owl Reviews Blog

November 6
Interview by April Pohren at Blogcritics

November 7
Interview by Cheryl Malandrinos and giveaway at The Book Connection

November 8
Podcast with Conversations Live Radio

November 9
Videos at Preview The Book, Flickr, Photobucket, & Daily Motion

November 12
Review by Darin Godby at Luxury Reading and at Book Blogs Ning

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Jean Holloway

I would like to welcome Jean Holloway, who has stopped in on her blog tour, Banned from Vegas. Jean’s books from her Deck of Cardz series are fictional detective stories following the career of a female lead homicide detective, Shevaughn Robinson. Ace of Hearts and Black Jack are currently available online and by request at your local bookstores.

Shelagh: Please tell us about Black Jack, Jean.

Jean: Black Jack is the sequel to my debut novel, Ace of Hearts.

Black Jack picks up four years after Shevaughn Robinson, lead homicide detective in Portsborough, NY, solves her first major case. She is anxiously living in the shadow of her high rate of arrests and closed cases. But it has all come at a price?

In Black Jack, Shevaughn tries to regain balance in her personal life just as the past comes back to haunt her. She will quickly find herself the center of yet another unique murder that feels a little too close for comfort.

Shelagh: What genre is Black Jack ?

Jean: I like to make sure I’m juggling a few genres. I’d say Black Jack is an adult romantic, psychological crime thriller.

Shelagh: That’s an interesting combination, Jean. I think you’ll have to explain how you married these genres in your book.

Jean: First, I classify it as adult, because my books are for the grown and sexy. It’s erotic, not erotica, yet definitely not for the kids.

The romantic elements involve you as you watch the growth of a loving relationship between the couples in this book, one being Shevaughn and Marcus, a local bookstore owner in Portsborough.

The psychological segments were a push for me. Out of nowhere, a past character, Terri Becker, emerged and I hate to say it but she’s a few a cans short of a six pack (if you know what I mean).

The crime is murder with the plot revolving around Shevaughn’s career and life depending on her solving this case. She has to get him or her before her life is tragically affected.

Lastly, it’s a thriller because you, the reader, have an opportunity to take in the story for the viewpoint of the lead detective attempting to balance her family obligations and her career and that of a depressed and confused psychopath looking for love in all the wrong places.

The two very different women are brought together by an opportunist that preys on weakness in others.

Shelagh: What should readers expect from Black Jack?

Jean: Expect the unexpected. Things are not what they appear to be, even I was surprise by the direction this story took.

Readers should turn the first page with an open mind and end the last page knowing that there is much more in store for Shevaughn Robinson.

About Black Jack

Black Jack is the sequel to Jean Holloway’s acclaimed debut novel, Ace of Hearts. Buckle up and follow Shevaughn as she moves closer to solving the murder of a lonely widow, unknowingly rekindling old grudges and awakening a sinister spirit.  Get ready, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Visit Deck of Cardz to learn more about Jean Holloway and her work. There you can download Black Jack eBook; watch the book video: Black Jack … Wanna Play, read the book synopsis; and more.

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Forever Friends Blog Tour

Starting Monday, the virtual book tour for Forever Friends will be posted on this weblog. I will be adding new information daily about the anthology. You can follow the tour here and leave comments or visit the blogs of nineteen contributors to the anthology. This is the tour:

December 1 Chelle Cordero

December 2 Zada Connaway

December 3 Mary Muhammad

December 4 Helen Wisocki

December 5 Pam Robertson

December 6 Dick Stodghill

December 7 Philip Spires

December 8 Milena Gomez

December 9 L. Sue Durkin

December 10 A. Ahad

December 11 Malcolm R. Campbell

December 12 Lynn C. Johnston

December 13 Dianne Sagan

December 14 Donald James Parker

December 15 Karina Kantas

December 16 Grace Bridges

December 17 Tiziana Rinaldi Castro

December 18 Yvonne Oots

December 19 Dana Rettig

December 20