Peas, Pills and Parkinson’s by Alice Crooker

Reviewer: Shelagh Watkins

Alice Crooker doesn’t like eating peas, taking pills and having Parkinson’s disease, but she does like being a parent, climbing peaks and talking to people. When you read this book, you will feel as though Alice is talking to you. As you read, you will be inspired, entertained and amused but, most of all, thankful. Not everyone suffers from Parkinson’s and, for that, we should all be thankful.

Peas, Pills and Parkinson’s is a snapshot of Alice’s life from childhood to adulthood — a life that, in many ways, prepared Alice for the catastrophic effect that a debilitating, neurological disease can have.

Throughout the book, Alice never loses her sense of fun and ability to see the positive side of life. As she writes, her wacky sense of humor fills the pages and, when she says, “We laughed ourselves silly over absolutely nothing,” you can believe it.

I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish: through the laughter and the tears but, mostly, by Alice’s abiding love. Thank you Alice.

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